Laptop vs iPad

1 minute read

The web is awash with articles about how an iPad can replace your laptop, how it can never replace your laptop, and infinite variations in between.

I use both, and happily. What I use tends to be driven by context and location. For example: At my desk in the office? Laptop plugged into dual displays with iPad Pro as a second screen

In a meeting? iPad Pro and Pencil if a small meeting room, my laptop if space.

Ad-hoc meeting in our internal coffee shop? iPad Pro as more casual, less intrusive, and less of a barrier between me and the person I’m meeting.

How about at home?

On the sofa? iPad Pro At my desk? Laptop plugged into monitor (or if in our home office, my Mac Mini linked to a 28” HP display) Up at our breakfast bar? Either and often have both up, with the iPad Pro as a second screen

Of course, some tasks I find more efficient to complete on my laptop (or are simply easier because it’s up and running). For example, my laptop has Direct Connect functionality to my firm’s network so it’s the place to open documents from our DMS or use the handful of Windows-specific tools.

If I want to browse, read, scribble some notes in OneNote, sketch a flow chart or just watch a TV episode, the iPad is easily the best choice for me. Often, my MacBook is chosen only so I can use my iPad as a second screen for watching a TV episode via Emby or Infuse.